Medical Drug Detox May Have Saved Heath Ledger From Fatal Overdose

Actor Heath Ledger’s highly publicized recent dying is focusing more attention around the skyrocketing overdose fatalities in america propelled largely by prescription medications. Based on the Cdc and Prevention (CDC), prescription medications have surpassed cocaine and heroin combined because the leading reason for lethal overdoses. And treatment specialists across the nation are visiting a surge in individuals with prescription drug problems of all types arriving at drug detox programs for help.

Although overdose deaths happen to be growing because the early 1990s, recent prescription drug dying statistics have risen so dramatically they’ve produced the very first rise in twenty five years within the nation’s dying rate from injuries of all types, the CDC stated inside a December study. Prescription drug abuse and overdose statistics are borne in the altering demographic of individuals coming at drug detox programs everywhere. A review of news summaries from over the US shows a truly alarming increase in prescription drug dependencies requiring medical drug detox among ordinary professional employees – way over heroin, cocaine, crystal meth along with other traditional street drugs.

“Unintended poisoning deaths – 95 % which involve drug overdoses – elevated from 12,186 in 1999 to twenty,950 in 2004,” stated CDC injuries prevention expert Dr. Len Paulozzi. “In that time prescription medications overtook cocaine and heroin combined because the leading reason for lethal overdoses.”

Nearly all overdose deaths are associated with opioid painkillers for example OxyContin and methadone, states the CDC. But drug poisoning deaths involving other psychotherapeutic drugs, including tranquilizers and antidepressants, rose an astonishing 84 percent from 1999 to 2004. Along with a growing number of accidental deaths involve harmful mixtures of prescription medications, for example antidepressants and benzodiazepines with opiates.

Whether prescription medications are acquired legally or unlawfully, the sheer figures and number of them, their myriad negative effects, and sophisticated teams of withdrawal signs and symptoms – particularly when drawn in random combinations – have driven drug detox specialists to build up better techniques to help victims appear the drugs without serious incident.

“Based on a person’s DNA and metabolic process, drug combinations can make further problems and make the person to see a number of the greater damaging negative effects from the drugs,” stated Steve Hayes, Director of Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, Florida. “Combinations can suddenly compromise someone’s nervous system and quickly result in collapse, coma as well as dying. Drug detox that considers everyone’s metabolic process is just about the safest way to avoid it for that many lots of people who become determined by prescriptions drugs.”

John Walters, director from the White-colored House Office of National Drug Control Policy, who unveiled an enormous new marketing campaign addressing prescription drug abuse by teenagers, stated that because prescription medications aren’t a street drug, people think they not have the same risk. The advertising campaign, scheduled to start throughout the Super Bowl, will talk to parents in addition to kids concerning the risks of prescription medications.

Novus’ director Hayes concurs that prescription medications are treated too gently when compared with traditional street drugs. “Many prescription medications can rapidly create dependencies which are difficult or impossible to cope with on a person’s own,” he stated, “and that might be much more true for unskilled youthful people. Medically supervised drug detox is important to prevent serious complications.”

Prescription drug problems span all sectors of society and many victims coming for drug detox for prescription medications are middle-class, law-abiding people. “Many people visiting Novus for medical detox look much like an accountant or perhaps your lawyer, your doctor or perhaps your mom, brother or father,” Hayes stated. “They dress well and therefore are well groomed. They’ve responsible, well-having to pay jobs plus they love and support their own families. These folks do not know buying illegal street drugs or how to locate them.”

All the study, press reports and statistics, it’s obvious that almost all individuals with prescription drug problems seeking drug detox are ordinary Americans accidentally caught within the web of dependence. The dying of superb actor Heath Ledger, found dead on the ground encircled by prescription drug containers, is really a tragic illustration of so what can happen when drug detox is prevented or overlooked as it’s needed most – to obtain the person from the drugs before tragedy strikes.